Spring Break Las Vegas 2013

With a new pope and Easter around the corner it’s easy to think holy during the start of Spring.  It’s also the start of the NCAA March Madness tournament and all the college kids will be off for a week.  So there is no better place to kick off the new season than Las Vegas.

My better half has been racking up some points using her Grazie card and she received an offer in the mail for a free 4 day weekend at The Venitian.  I was lucky enough to get Friday and Monday off so that we could attend.  We arrived and received our information package upon check-in.



Very James Bond-ish to receive package with your instructions on what you will be doing during your stay.  She’ll be playing in a $50,000 prize pool slot tournament.  This one is named Topsy Turvy because the payouts don’t pay out according to your place.

If you’ve never played a slots tournament before, here’s a youtube clip of how people mash their buttons:

The tournament was on the Palazzo side of the resort by the Grand Luxe.  We brought the baby with us this trip and we weren’t allowed to keep the baby out on the casino floor.  Luckily the Grand Luxe had a ‘patio’ area where I sit at with the baby while the wifey played.  The tournament had 3 intervals, one each day and we had an 11am starting time for all 3 days of the event.

At the end of Day 1, she had scored about 8,000 points which would get totalled

~ by thegroom on March 25, 2013.

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