Monta Ramen

I don’t know why I’m getting into blogging.  I’m terrible with taking photos before I eat.  But Monta Ramen was so good that I felt like I had to post something.  Anything.  So here it is:


Luckily you’ll find plenty of photos on Google, Yelp! and their own site  Pictured above was Tonkotsu Ramen and Chan-Han.  Tonkotsu Ramen is pork bone broth marrow goodness.  At the top right of the photo in the black bowl is Japanese style fried rice knowns as Chan-Han.  Monta Ramen is a small hole in the wall joint.  The place doesn’t even have 6 tables and there might be 10 seats at the counter.  There is always a line and they don’t take reservations so expect to a wait a bit.


But as you can see from the photo, it’s good to the last bite.

~ by thegroom on March 25, 2013.

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