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So I’m a new parent as of November which is why I have not been able to make any trips out to Las Vegas. But just about 30 minutes ago, the wife asked “What are we doing for your half birthday this year? Wanna go to Vegas?” And I’m like .. YEAH! I made my rounds on betterbidding.com and there wasn’t anything up for the weekend of Feb 9th, 2013. So I hopped on to priceline to see what was available.

The criteria has changed a bit now that we have a little one with us. It doesn’t matter too much if we get a room with a casino. It seems a bit more beneficial to us if there wasn’t a casino. It wouldn’t seem so hard to get the baby in and out with a stroller.

Usually I bid for a 4 star hotel in ‘Fremont St vicinity’ because I always get The Golden Nugget. In my view it is still the best value in all of Las Vegas. But the wife wanted to try a 5 star hotel this time since we haven’t gone in a while. This time I tried the Express Deals feature. I wish there was a way to filter these some how by location or star level. But anyway, we saw a 5 star hotel for $124 on the south side of the strip. After taxes the total was $283

I have to admit that there is a great thrill in doing this priceline bidding thing. But what real risk are you taking if you are insisting on a 5 start hotel like we are. We punched in our credit card information and held hands. In unison, we gasped for air and clicked the buy now button.

To display the page must have only taken 5 to 10 seconds but the wife and I must have muttered every casino name in that time.  “Come on Bellagio!”.. “I want Cosmopolitan!” .. and so on and so on.. Finally, the screen changed and look what popped up!





Vdara bitches!  We received a discount of 18% according to this thing.  The same room was listing on  kayak.com for a bit more at $161 per night.  And over at vegas.com the room was showing up for about $334:



Priceline does it again!  Another satisfied customer.  But this trip is all the way out in February.  There might be another Vegas trip or two before then.  Muahaha



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