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Sheryl is from Northern CA and I’m from the Los Angeles Area.  We both have rather large families and we thought a lot about where we were going to have the Ceremony and Reception.  I didn’t want her family to travel down here since we already lived in the LA area and I did not feel that it was fair for her family to have to travel since I already took her away from the Bay Area.  Sheryl is adventurous and felt that if my family had to travel for a wedding then everyone is going to have to travel.

This is how we ended up with Las Vegas.  We had searched several reception areas which included Mandalay Bay, The M hotel and casino as well as The Golden Nugget.  All are excellent values.  You can basically have Steak or Seafood for the price of chicken in most places in California.  The Golden Nugget even has a Steak and Lobster meal that is unbelievable for the price.  All of these hotels have great upsides.  The ball room coordinators are all very seasoned and we just knew that these folks knew how to throw a wedding reception.  But we had visited all three and while we felt they were all great values, these venues did not give us the warm and fuzzies when we saw them.

We did have one final meeting and that was with Angela Dorman of Caesar’s Entertainment.  We met her in a hallway where Bally’s and Paris meet by the escalators that lead to the self parking.  Now I have stayed at Bally’s and Paris several times and I have never seen the hallway that leads to the ballrooms.  But when we met Angela and she walked us over, we saw the entrance hallway and we knew this was where we wanted to have our Reception.

Paris Las Vegas Versailles Ballroom


We took home some brochures and exchanged contact information.  A couple weeks later, signed the paper work and dropped off a deposit.  In August, we were introduced to Tara Landaz who was the ballroom coordinator.  We scheduled our food tasting with her for September.  The food tasting included some appetizers and some main dishes.

Tara really was great.  She did everything we had asked and is full of very pleasant surprises.  She is still old school Vegas and has a lot of friends on the properties.  Anyone thinking of having an event at Bally’s or Paris would be very lucky in having Tara as the ballroom coordinator.  She provides accurate timelines and clear expectations on what is going to happen on that date.


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