Ceremony at The Guardian Angel Cathedral Las Vegas Nevada

The Guardian Angel Cathedral is located on the corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Cathedral way just north of the Encore parking structure.  The diocese of Las Vegas has some strict rules for people wanting to get married from out of state.  You are only allowed to get married at The Gardian Angel Cathedral and you can only have your ceremony begin at 10AM or 7PM on Saturdays.  Father Timothy and his crew are old school.  He does not have a computer and handles things over the phone.  He does have his act together but you just have to get in sync with his ways. The church has a 70s feel to it and comes out spectacular in photos.  We had a rehearsal the Friday before at 2PM that lasted until about 3:30PM.  On the day of the Ceremony, me and my 2 best men met in the back room to prepare at about 9:45AM.  Sheryl arrived just before me and was given a room at the front of the church where she could do some last minute touch ups.  Our ceremony ran for just under an hour and we were given until 11:30 to take pictures.   GuardianAngel Art and Sheryl193 Art and Sheryl143 Art and Sheryl152

~ by thegroom on February 16, 2012.

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