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Full disclosure here, the owners of are friends of the family =)  But even if they weren’t they would get a great review from me.

digiboxdiaries scrap book

digiboxdiaries scrap book

Rather than the traditional photo booth setup, we went with the photo back drop / mini photo studio.  Long before our wedding reception began, EJ and his crew were setup in our ballroom.  The setup included a portable photo backdrop along with a couple 6 foot tables where they had their photography equipment and computers setup to take photos.  They had Christmas themed props to go along with their mini photo studio.  This included Santa Hats, goofy winter caps, sun glasses and a picture frame.  They had an automated camera with a countdown monitor.  The photos spit within 5 seconds with a boarder that was customized and themed towards our wedding.  To our surprise, we also received a scrap book station where our guests could take copies of their printed photos and create congratulatory scrap book pages.  Our guests were very impressed with the setup and we all had fun with the accessory to the event.  Within ten days after the wedding, we received a USPS package with our scrap book and a CD that came with all the photos for the night.  They had also posted a subdomain where our guests could view the photos from the wedding reception.  EJ was great about keeping in touch.

They also created a website so our guests can view their photos from the night.  You can see this by going here:

I made it a point to take photos with all my vendors so you can see EJ and the crew from Digibox Diaries here:

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